The first 14 days of the baby is the most magical time. Both of you are trying to fit in to this world in a peaceful and successful way.  Is wonderful that you want to preserve these memories and I'm thankful for letting me be part of it.  

I've been working in a guide to help you prepare and be ready for your newborn's session.

Book your session: You can schedule your session well in advanced. Just let me know when your due date should be and we can estimate a date for the session. Once your baby is born, just give me a call to confirm or move the day. Bear in mind that the first 14 days of the baby's life are the best time to do the Photo session. 

Location: For your convenience, I'll come to your home. I'll just need a little open area to install my portable studio, while the baby is waiting in his/her own space. I highly recommend to avoid any family or friends visit during our session to keep us all free from distractions. 

Baby's preparation: Gorgeous pictures will come out if we have the baby calmed, well fed and even a little sleepy. Nobody knows better than you how to achieve that but from my own experience I recommend to keep baby awake 2-3 hours before their session so they are ready to take a nap when I start taking the pictures.  Before we begin, I will  ask you to feed your baby, this will keep  him/her nice and full during the session. If you are breastfeeding, you could pump the day before and bottle feed the baby just before the session for your convenience.


Baby's Room: Make sure your nursery or bedroom is tidy so we can take photos in their new room.

Mom and Dad: If you want to be part of the photos. Use light colors, avoid dressing with patterns or many details. Make Up and Nails are important in this type of session, since some poses will be holding or kissing your little treasure. 

Appointments: Tranquility is key for a wonderful outcome, so please choose a day when you can be at home without so many activities to attend and don't schedule appointments right after the session to avoid any stressful situation. Remember we will be working with your baby and little delays are possible

Time of session: Please allow me 2-4 hours for our session. I'll need around 20 min to set up the Studio and 20 min to put everything back in my car. We will also need  some time to change the baby's outfit, and if necessary diapers and feeding. 

Be sure to take a good and healthy breakfast before my arrival. 

If you need  some professional assistant to help you to get ready for the session I gladly recommend my partners in crime: 

* Erika Espinosa - Make Up Artist -  954-5157090

* Damaris Carrasco - Nails Artist - 954-6529988

* Lisa Nicole - Make Up Artist - 954-4711862

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