Mom Squad is a Social Photography Project created by Oriana Higuera Photography in order to  find and share inspirational stories, the main idea of this project is about doing Photography with Purpose, showing the stories behind the images, and giving the opportunity to inspire some other moms and families who feel struggle in their role as Mom. 


How this project works? 


1. If you know a  Strong, Qualified, Unique, Able, Defiant Mom with an inspiring story. You can nominate her to apply for  a FREE Family Portrait,  clicking on "Mom Squad" button. 

2. Only  5 Moms will be selected by Oriana Higuera Photography in order to get a FREE Family Portrait before April 30th, 2019. 

3. Their stories will be shared in Oriana Higuera Photography's Website and Social Media, the purpose is inspire others who may feel struggled, spread the world about these Moms who are working in a special project, and try to make a better world by Mother's Day 2019. 


* If you are a Photographer, and would like to join my team to be able to share more stories, click on "Photographer Team"  button and let's work together.  Please, be aware this is a Social Project and there is any compensation by Oriana Higuera Photography or any participant Family. 

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