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About Clothes: 

  • Clothing will always reflect  will reflect your personality in the images. Choose solid colors, they make you look great in photos. 

  • Always bring a few changes of clothes to the shoot so you and me can decide which are the favorites and best looking.

  • Please make sure that ALL clothes are ironed, wrinkles are very hard to photo shopped, please don't expect this will be corrected in post-production. 

About your hair and Make-Up:

  • Please, avoid haircuts the day before of the photo shot. If you planned ahead your head shoot the best time to visit your hairstyle could be one week early.   

  • If you can afford it, hire a hair stylist & Make Up artist for the day of the shoot. At the end of this article there are some professionals who I trust and I highly recommend to you. 

  • Please, don't do any extreme beauty treatment before the photo shoot to avoid any scar. 
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, take care of your nails, eyebrows and grooming  at least one day before the photo session.

During  and  after the Shoot

  • Relax all the time, this will make you look fresh and good looking in your pictures. 

  • Follow my  directions. Even if it sounds a little silly. I know some tricks to help you to show a natural smile and pose your face.  

  • Don't be afraid to ask for a break, and even  take some water will make you feel you more relaxed. 

  • Before or after the Photosession, please let me know if  you would like to remove any scar in your face. All images are retouched, however I do not Photoshop everything. Each person is different and not everything can be removed or added in Photoshop, the best image will always be that one that reflect your inner beauty.

Have more questions? Don't worry, call me or text and I'll be glad to help you. 

I Highly recommend my  professional friends, who can help you to get a beautiful look:


Make Up Artist: Madeleinne  786-4619284 Instagram: @madesmakeup

Make Up Artist: Erika Espinosa  954-515-7090

Make Up Artist: Jenny Chaple  786-219-6147

Nails Artist: Damaris Karrasco @nailsartkrrasco


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